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Mold Remediation Consulting Services.

We at Corporate Home Contractors are in a unique situation, we hold certifications in mold testing and remediation as well as over 35 years experience in home improvements and construction. We have successfully tested and/or remediated properties in an efficient and timely manner with a 100% success rate.

This puts us in a positive position to consult homeowners and other non-certified (CMRC) contractors and guide them through the process of remediating mold from their homes or job sites using the proper protocols and following industry standards for a positive solution and clean results.

With our consulting services you will receive…

basement during remediation

Basement during a remediation

  • Initial visual inspection and air/surface tests as needed for a proper and thorough assessment of the concerned areas.
  • A written inspection report and independent lab report, if applicable, of test results with recommendations as needed.
  • On site consultation with homeowner or non-certified (CMRC) contractor to discuss proper procedural steps needed for remediation.
  • On site or phone consultation as necessary during the remediation process.
  • Visual inspection and air tests after remediation is completed to confirm a successful remediation and clean air.

These steps are crucial to keeping the costs and time factors down to a minimum level by eliminating the need of multiple testing do to failed clearance tests