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Price Sheet

We strive to provide customers with affordable mold testings. Following are explanations for our inspection prices.

Moldy Furniture

Mold growth on backside of furniture

Initial Mold Test

An initial mold test is $295 plus $75 for each sample.

For most homes, an inspection requires four samples: One outside, and one on each floor of the house. Some homes, however, will require just three tests if they have less floors. Attic and garage spaces do not need air tests.

The inside test levels will then be compared with outside levels in order for us to know if the levels are high.

Clearance Mold test

Moldy Plastic

Mold growth at base of slider door

A Clearance test is $195 plus $75 for each sample taken.

Clearance tests are less involved than initial screenings, since we already know that the home has had mold, and now are just making sure that it’s been cleaned up properly.


If you are interested in hiring us for an inspection please contact us.

Remediation Consulting


Removal of walls necessary during remediation

Consultating fees are flexible depending on the scope of work.

Fees can be percentage based or on a per hour basis, which ever is more suited to the individual job.

If you are interested in hiring us for consulting please contact us.