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What is a mold inspection and why do I need one?

If you see mold, then why would you need a test, right? However, even if you have visible mold, an inspection can tell you just how far the problem has spread and where it started.

moldy windowThree-Step Inspection Walk-Through

Step One: Visually inspect the home for evidence of mold and excess moisture.

Step Two: Take a small sample of visible mold and send it to the lab so that we are 100% sure we are dealing with mold.

Step Three: Take an air sample, which tells us the number of mold spores that are within the house, compared to the outdoor mold spore count.

You need a mold inspection…

    • If you found growths on your walls and/or furniture.
    • If you have a musty odor, especially in lower areas of your home.
    • If you are buying a new home.
    • After any water damage has occurred.
    • During and after any clean up from water damage.
    • Before and after any mold remediation has taken place.

If your home has recently been remediated for mold, then you need a clearance test.