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In addition to initial mold tests, Mold Inspect is also available for Third-Party Clearance Tests. 

What is a Clearance Test?

After a mold remediation has already taken place, a third-party inspector must take the final clearance test before the home is deemed mold-free.

If the clearance tester is otherwise uninvolved in the remediation, then they have no bias. Their

Open Walls

results will, Mold Under Carpettherefore, be honest and true.

Please make sure that your remediator does not close up the walls before the clearance test. If they do, the walls will have to be re-opened before the test can take place.

Unlike the initial test, the clearance test is a two-step process that involves a visual test followed by a series of air tests. The results usually come back from the lab in a matter of days, and you’ll know if the remediation was a success.

If you would like to hire us for a clearance test, take a look at our prices.