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Moldy TrimChoosing a mold inspector for your home can be a hair-pulling experience, so let us lay out exactly why we think you should choose us.


Corporate Home Contractors has a long history of being trustworthy, honest and reliable. In this respect, Mold Inspect strives to maintain those same values. We promise to conduct our inspections as thoroughly as possible– making our way through crawl spaces and into attics that other inspectors shy away from. Norm is the kind of guy that will never leave a job half-done. (Or he’ll have trouble sleeping!)


Norm has been in the construction business under the name Corporate Home Contractors for more than three decades and has been a certified mold inspector for eight years. Even certified Mold-inspectors are not required to have any knowledge beyond how to look for surface mold and run the air test, but Norm’s history in construction gives him that knowledge. Not only can he find mold, he can find what’s causing it.

Small Business Feel

…With big business results. When you call us, you deal directly with Norm who will also serve as your onsite inspector. We don’t contract out for mold-testing, so there is no confusion that might be associated with the miscommunication of a middle-man.

Get a detailed Report

Mold-inspectors are only required to look for mold and tell you what your home’s spore-count levels are. At Mold Inspect, you will get that plus a detailed report on what steps to take in order to fix the problem– which is really the important part, don’t you think?

We’re Certified!

In some states, mold-inspectors still don’t need to have any form of certification. At Mold Inspect, you can rest assured that we’re both trained and experienced enough to conduct your mold-test thoroughly and efficiently. We haven’t cut any corners yet, and we don’t plan on starting now.